Providing RFID electronic tag chip and system for stamp imitation

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First, it is recommended to fully popularize the social background and significance of applying RFID electronic label seals:

  By embedding an RFID electronic tag chip into the traditional seal, in addition to the rapid identification and management of the fake and false seals, it is also possible to make full use of low-cost, high-reliability identification technologies and means to improve the digital specifications and Safely manage the efficiency of seal information, and expose the occurrence of various types of counterfeiting, fraud, etc., specifically, the following meanings.

  Government performance: Using the most advanced RFID electronic tag anti-counterfeiting identification technology, establish a set of advanced safe, efficient and accurate seal management system to realize the registration, approval, engraving, quick and easy anti-counterfeiting identification and traceability management of the seal by the public security and industrial and commercial departments.

  Social Benefits: Eliminate the proliferation and use of fake seals and quickly solve various types of counterfeit seal cases.

  Economic Benefits: Avoid the occurrence of various types of cases related to the seal and avoid economic losses caused by many enterprises and individuals.

  The system adopts the electronic tag technology for close-range recognition. When an object with an electronic tag approaches the identifier within a range of 0 to 5 cm, the reader/writer controls the microwave inquiry signal to be mounted on the surface or inside the object. After receiving the inquiry signal of the reader/writer, the label is integrated with the data information in the label and reflected back to the electronic label reading device. The reflected microwave synthesized signal has carried the electronic tag data information. After receiving the microwave synthesis signal reflected back by the electronic tag, the reader/writer can separate the information such as the identification code stored in the electronic tag after being processed by the internal microprocessor of the reader/writer. (The working principle is as follows)

Providing RFID electronic chip labels and systems for stamp imitation

  Second, the characteristics of RFID passive electronic tags:

  RFID is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification, which is radio frequency identification. It is a non-contact-sensing cryptographic automatic identification technology. It automatically recognizes the target object and acquires relevant data through the RF signal. The identification work does not require manual intervention. There is no power supply and battery in the electronic tag, and it can work in various harsh environments. Quick and convenient, after selecting the chip standard, in a closed system, each tag has a globally unique chip number UID, and there are also many data areas that can be independently read and written repeatedly, and each data area is also Authorized to do complex encryption settings at all levels, the key can be associated with the unique UID number of each tag, so that the security level reaches a very high level, the role and principle applied to the seal is like the current public security department gives each Residents issue an electronic ID card, embedding a one-time embedded electronic ID card that cannot be transferred again.

  Third, with RFID electronic label seal, and the composition of the management system

  Fourth, our list of products and services, what can we do for you?

  1. Provide software and hardware technology product services (except for stamp chapters) to provide various RFID electronic tags that can be embedded inside the chapter body;

  2. Providing various RFID electronic tags that can be embedded inside the chapter body;

  1), desktop type writing and inspection terminal equipment: use USB port to supply and transmit data, directly connect to the USB interface of the PC, and read and write the label by software control.

  2) Handheld reading and writing equipment:

  3. Provide demo software, interface support, and even complete software support.

  Our partners:

  1. A special department that has the ability to plan projects and establish a local public security department with an RFID electronic label seal system.

  2. Software and hardware system integrators or individuals with good relations with the public security department in a certain area.

  3. A leading enterprise in a certain area and in good relations with the local public security.

  4. Manufacturer of seal chapter material.


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