Full license plate recognition charge management system solution

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 With the development of social economy and the improvement of people's living standards, cars have entered the family more and more, and the era of automobile consumption has quietly arrived. With the increase of vehicles, the demand for parking lots is increasing. For public places such as commercial centers, hospitals, restaurants, schools, etc., parking lots as an important supporting facility directly affects its service and positioning level, as well as operating income. How many.

  The parking lot is known as the “first lobby” of the business center and is the “first face” of the business center. In order to improve the service level of the parking lot, the parking lot intelligent management system is indispensable. It has played an important role in most parking lots, and it has good social and economic benefits while facilitating parking for people.

  In the intelligent parking lot management, the following aspects are involved in management: vehicle management and charging, vehicle parking in and out of the parking lot, and reverse car finding. Each subsystem is associated with each other and coordinated.

  The entrance and exit management system requires strict management of various vehicles in real time, strictly records the time of entry and exit, identifies and registers various types of vehicles, and inputs various information into the database. Effectively and accurately monitor and manage all vehicles entering and leaving the port.

  The intelligent parking space guidance system is to help customers and vehicles find suitable parking lots and parking spaces in the shortest time, avoiding the vehicles not finding parking lots, not finding parking spaces after entering the market, and even grabbing each other's parking spaces, causing congestion and allowing customers to The “First Lobby” can feel good service and ensure that customers have a pleasant shopping mood.

  The intelligent reverse car search system is when the customer returns to the parking lot. Because the parking lot is too large, the customer can easily find the car. The system can help the customer to find the parking area of the vehicle as soon as possible, improve the customer satisfaction, and speed up the parking lot. Turnaround, increase usage and revenue.

  It is the current trend of parking lot management to establish an intelligent parking lot management system to make parking services safe, simple and accurate, and to control the cost and operating costs in an appropriate range. It is an ideal mode for parking lot management to improve efficiency while solving all the drawbacks of manual management.

  Guangzhou Jiezhong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is an intelligent high-tech company specializing in R&D and production of parking management and guidance systems. The TECTRON parking lot intelligent management system developed and produced by us has played a role in many parking lots.

  TECTRON parking lot intelligent management system is an ideal solution for intelligent parking lot management with high performance and price ratio and perfect management functions.

  Parking lot intelligent design requirements

  Provide a system that can operate around the clock, efficiently, safely and stably

  The system is characterized by simple operation, high quality and complete functions.

  System design is economical, reasonable, and scientific

  Parking lot intelligent management system design purpose

  Provide comprehensive and efficient management tools for parking property management

  Car owners provide safe and convenient parking services

  TECTRON intelligent parking lot management system can achieve "functional linkage, free combination of systems, and maximum convenience for users is our highest goal."

  TECTRON parking lot intelligent management system has realized a full video solution. The entry and exit and payment are based on the license plate number as a voucher. The card is free to enter and exit, no need to swipe, suitable for large commercial parking lots.

  TECTRON parking lot intelligent management system uses industrial-grade devices, integrates microcomputer control and management technology and electromagnetic induction technology, and cooperates with multiple networked operation technologies of entrance and exit. It has stable and reliable work, low failure rate and easy operation. The management function ensures the reliability of parking fees and the safety of vehicle storage. The automatic license plate number is used as the voucher for the vehicle to enter and exit the parking lot. The stable communication and powerful network database management software are used to manage the registration and entry and exit information of each vehicle, and to manage the vehicle in and out.

  The TECTRON parking lot management system has powerful data processing functions, which can complete the setting of various parameters of the management system, data collection and statistics.

  When the visitor enters the market, the vehicle license plate must be recognized automatically. When the vehicle is on the scene, the license plate is automatically recognized for retrieval and billing. The fixed user car automatically recognizes the license plate in and out, and has the license plate recognition comparison function. Optional to set up a management center, in the management center for parking card registration, loss reporting, issuance, renewal, data management and other functions.

Full license plate recognition charge management system solution
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