RFID drug warehouse sales management solution

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In order to manage the drug more quickly and conveniently, it is recommended to use a device with a working frequency of 915MHz by using RFID technology to add labels to the drug to provide remote recognition. To ensure the sample storage management and counter sales management, the advantage of the 915MHz tag is that the reading distance is relatively long, and the note information can be operated at a distance of 2 meters.

  First, the solution

  The drug storeroom entry and sales management can be completed by placing ultra-high frequency passive electronic tags on the drug outer box and single box. Using RFID technology can help you save time and increase productivity. This technology enables drug information to flow efficiently between the worker's computer equipment and your core business system. IoT provides advanced RF data collection for drug warehouse management and wired or wireless local area network (WLAN) to accelerate data transfer and optimize your warehouse access and sales management.

  Drug warehouse management:

  1. First, before the drug goods are packed, the label is affixed to the single box, and the drug product is classified according to the product name, model, specification, origin, brand name, packaging, etc., and is inserted into the RFID tag attached to the box. This allows for unique tracking and packing management of drugs. At the same time, the corresponding label is also attached to the outer box, and the outer box label records all the basic information of the single box medicine in the box. After packing, place it in the corresponding position in the warehouse and record the position.

RFID drug warehouse sales management solution

  2. When selling the drug out of the warehouse, according to the order placed by the sales department, find the medicine box at the corresponding position in the warehouse, and read the information in the RF note outside the box through the card reader to verify whether the outbound is correct. If it is correct, it will be out of the library.

  3. Counter sales Read the RFID information on the medicine box through the card reader to confirm whether the drug sales are correct. The sales information is recorded in the background software.

  4, background system management: by attaching RFID tags on drugs, you can collect the corresponding data for each drug out of the warehouse, storage, library, monthly library, transfer library. The back-end system completes the import, sale, and storage management of the drug warehouse based on the collected data information.

  Second, the system constitutes

  The system consists of high frequency active electronic tags and card readers, computers, system software and so on.


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