Supply chain management

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Supply Chain Full Chain Management: Based on the idea of collaborative supply chain management, and in line with the business needs of entities in the supply chain, the operational processes and information systems work closely together to seamlessly link all links and improve the internal, downstream and internal Information exchange and monitoring in all aspects of procurement, production, sales, etc., to achieve full monitoring of materials, comprehensive control of customers and rational allocation of funds.

  1. Function module

  ● Purchasing management

  ● Warehouse management

  ● Commercial distribution management functions such as retail management and supplier management

  ● Store management

  ● Warehouse management

  ● Member management

  ● Contract management

  ● Price management

  ● Settlement management

  ● Quality management

  ● Decision support

  ● Financial management

  ● Collaborative business

  ● Supply Chain Management (CRM), etc.

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  2. Product characteristics

  SaaS architecture

  Rapid product deployment, rapid iterative update, seamless and painless scalability, low-cost IT investment and maintenance;

  Easy to learn and use: Will use QQ, it will use enterprise enterprises to pass SRM!

  Instant messaging: Interoperate, peer-to-peer, and interact with each other in all aspects of business transactions

  Multi-layered collaboration: breaking regional faults, institutional divides, business isolation, and improving efficient collaborative interaction across the supply chain

  3. Product value

  Linkwin's supply chain management solution helps to enhance the internal control and scope of the company through a complete functional design, covering multiple aspects of enterprise infrastructure management and strong information technology support, and rapidly improving service capabilities and shortening procurement cycles, thereby reducing logistics. Cost, speed up capital turnover, and ultimately ensure the sustainable development of enterprises and the improvement of core competitiveness.

  4. Scope of application

  Entities such as suppliers, manufacturers, agent distributors, logistics service providers, retailers, and end customers in the supply chain.


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