RFID appliance tracking management system

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1 RFID basic understanding

  RFID technology is a non-contact automatic identification technology that automatically recognizes target objects and acquires relevant data through radio frequency signals. The identification work can work in various harsh environments without manual intervention.

  RFID technology recognizes high-speed moving objects and recognizes multiple labels at the same time, making operation quick and easy. It has the advantages of non-contact, high precision, anti-interference, fast speed and strong adaptability to the environment. It can be widely used in such fields as production management, logistics management, transportation, medical and health, commodity anti-counterfeiting, asset management and national defense.

  1. Features of RFID:

  Non-directional restrictions on reading data;

  Long recognition distance;

  Fast recognition;

  High recognition accuracy;

  Read/write ability, large memory;

  High security;

  long life;

  Good label penetration;

  Works in harsh environments.

RFID appliance tracking management system

  2. The advantages of RFID

  RFID technology is a new automatic identification technology that changes product production, inventory, logistics and product sales management mode after bar code technology. It is an extension and expansion of bar code technology application.

RFID appliance tracking management system

  2 RFID management requirements

  Business description

  The parts of the main depot need a variety of instruments in the process of diversion. The management of general appliances is managed by a third-party company. The third-party management company is not only responsible for the assets of the OEM, but also to ensure the supply of appliances.

RFID appliance tracking management system

  2. Management confusion

  The appliance is used as the main vehicle factory and the outsourcing factory, but the management is managed by a third-party company, and the management process relies on manual management. Due to the large number of instruments and frequent material turnover, information statistics are difficult and information is opaque, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the work. It is difficult to trace the responsible party if the appliance is lost or damaged.

  There are mainly the following management issues:

  (1) The main car factory needs to be inaccurate, resulting in more or less delivery of the appliance, increasing the workload;

  (2) There is no record of the equipment transferred to the outsourcing factory, how much is taken by the outsourcing factory, how much is returned, and the number of instruments left is unclear;

  (3) The problem of frequent damage or loss of the appliance, the responsible party is difficult to trace back, causing great losses to the main depot and the logistics company;

  (4) The current inventory management operations are carried out manually, with many personnel and large workload, which cannot form refined management;

  (5) It is impossible to track the turnover of the appliance, and there is no accurate statistical data on the efficiency of the turnover, which is not conducive to rational allocation of equipment resources;

  (6) There is no accurate data basis to assess the performance of logistics companies.

  3. Solution ideas:

  Using advanced intelligent identification technology, through the perfect information management platform, the whole process tracking management of appliances is realized. Standardize the management process, and the information is transparent and accurate.

  3 RFID application solutions

  1. Overall business process

RFID appliance tracking management system

  (1) Paste of RFID tags

  According to the management requirements of the main vehicle manufacturer, different bonding methods are used according to different appliance forms: pasting, tying, bolts, etc. Label size and style can be customized according to actual needs. Each RFID tag writes a uniquely identified number. The appliance information can be known by induction.

  (2) New purchase instrument storage process

RFID appliance tracking management system

  (3) Receiving goods into the warehouse

RFID appliance tracking management system

  (4) Maintenance work

RFID appliance tracking management system

  (5) inventory work

  By using the handheld inventory, the library manager only needs to scan the cargo information in the warehouse to generate an inventory table. The accuracy is high, and the inventory time can be saved by more than 80%.

RFID appliance tracking management system

  (6) Stocking operations

RFID appliance tracking management system

  (7) Outbound operations

RFID appliance tracking management system

  (8) Location map

  According to the actual warehouse area division, customize the warehouse location display map, and display the warehouse usage status through the library bitmap. l Click on different areas to view the inventory status of the area; query a certain material and display it on the location.

  to sum up:

  Now for traditional manual management, the RFID Manager has the following advantages:

  (1) The current position of the appliance can be tracked in real time. The inventory information of the appliance is clear at a glance and the management is clearer;

  (2) Using advanced intelligent identification technology instead of traditional manual operation, greatly improving work efficiency and improving the turnover rate of appliances in the warehouse;

  (3) Through software management, the data is more accurate, and the instrument-related data statistics report can be quickly extracted, and can be printed and generated Excel at will, and it is convenient to check with the main vehicle factory. Data integration with the OEM of the main vehicle can also be achieved through some secondary development;

  (4) Realizing the traceability of the whole process of the use of the appliance, and when the damage or loss occurs (beyond the turnover cycle), the circulation record of the appliance can be quickly traced.

  (5) Automatic warning function. When the appliance outbound time exceeds the turnaround period, the system automatically warns for easy recovery. Reduce the loss of the appliance;

  (6) The operation instructions such as stocking and delivery are automatically transmitted through the system to improve the efficiency of the work in the warehouse.


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