Solution for cement outbound and transportation product safety based on RFID technology

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First, the program background

  With the advancement of society, building materials range from raw stone and wood to new composite materials, cement, steel, and lime powder. These raw materials have a huge impact in various types of demand applications, ranging from step platforms to high-rise buildings...

  In industries such as construction raw materials, competition is becoming more and more fierce. Some unscrupulous merchants carry out counterfeiting for some high-quality products with high quality, brand and performance. They are shoddy and enter the market, which not only causes safety hazards to users, but also gives manufacturers a reputation for product quality. Cause irreparable effects and losses.

  For the counterfeit and shoddy products on the market, there are endless streams. At this time, the advanced management methods and management modes of intelligent informationization become very important.

  At present, most of the informatization construction of the cement industry is still in a conservative stage, resulting in poor feedback of information on the outbound storage and transportation of cement products, and it is prone to a series of problems such as management negligence. When problems occur, they cannot be discovered and processed in time, which will cause unnecessary losses to the enterprise.

  RFID technology can informatize all aspects of cement outbound, warehousing, logistics and transportation, distribution, product sales, anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft, provide users with real-time dynamic tracking and query throughout the whole process; realize the monitoring and management of processing information, system operation status and business operation, thus It can solve a series of problems caused by the incomplete construction of information intelligence. Effectively reduce the management cost of the quality system, increase profits, enhance brand effects, and improve the market competitiveness of the industry.

  After decades of development, RFID has been widely used in various industries, and is infiltrating into various traditional industries, such as the outbound security information processing of cement products, transportation information quality, security and anti-counterfeiting. Many companies can achieve quality and safety management of cement and other products automatically, in real time and intelligently by combining RFID tags with products.

  At present, RFID technology has gradually become a brand cement plant, improving the management level of cement quality system, reducing management costs, and enhancing the indispensable technology and management means of core competitiveness.

  Second, the program objectives

  RFID technology accumulation and unique experience in RFID projects such as cement, combined with the specific requirements of cement companies, proposed UHF RFID as the core technology, combined with various advanced technologies such as IoT technology, wireless communication technology, handheld terminal technology, etc. Complete solutions for outbound storage, transportation logistics, and delivery of product quality, security, anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft.

  The main purpose of this scheme is to use the long-distance fast batch reading and writing, unique identification and anti-counterfeiting features of RFID technology to realize the batch rapid transmission and reception of goods and warehouse inventory, and to conduct batch inspection of products in real time during transportation to achieve efficient operation. , product quality and safety brand security comprehensive protection, to achieve a product, corresponding to an ID, to achieve non-replaceable anti-counterfeiting anti-theft effect.

  1, accurate product number ID

  In view of the current product packaging, ID ID anti-counterfeiting security responsibility issues. Enterprises attach great importance to product anti-counterfeiting security, according to our understanding, analyze the following points.

  A, product packaging anti-counterfeiting, non-unique, no RFID information technology support

  B, may be replaced in batches during transportation, or partially replaced

  C, easy to counterfeit, look at the light can not distinguish

  Analysis: Compared with barcode recognition technology, RFID has the advantages of small size, large capacity, long life, reusable, fast reading and writing, non-visual recognition, mobile recognition, multi-target recognition, etc. Its ID code is unique in the world. Therefore, it has become an emerging force in the field of automatic identification, and has become a leader in the field of automatic identification in the foreseeable future.

  2. Strengthen product ERP information refinement

  The information entered in the enterprise ERP inbound and outbound management software corresponds to the RFID tag information, reducing the manpower and resources of the inventory, reducing the labor and financial resources of the products in the sales order, batch, and transportation, and verifying the information, etc. Uniquely, in the enterprise operation, all processes will be managed according to the information of the RFID tag, shortening the ERP process, and effectively strengthening the precision of various information such as product specification batches.

  According to the actual application, we propose to use UHF UHF reader to collect and record RFID cards to ensure the sensitivity and accuracy of RFID information and the precision of anti-counterfeiting information technology.

  3, transport anti-counterfeiting security

  Because the product packaging information technology is still relatively conservative, it is easy to be negligent in some aspects during transportation, and there are various situations such as parallel replacement and shoddy charging, which will bring various adverse effects to the enterprise.

  It is now required to use RFID tags to solve a series of problems such as unpredictable, stolen, fake, counterfeit, shoddy, etc. during transportation. And the car personnel can control and manage well, and the responsibility is to people.

  Third, the system design

  According to the design characteristics of RFID tags, the safety information system management based on RFID technology is proposed by implementing the key elements and key technical processes of the outflow, transportation, anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft system of cement products, analyzing the outbound, transportation and delivery of cement products. Through the RFID technology, all aspects of the outflow, transportation and delivery of cement products are organically integrated to achieve manpower saving, cost saving, and prevention of counterfeit and counterfeiting, theft and other integrated information management.

  In planning and design, it is necessary to take into account the real-time accurate data collection, the massive data processing of each node, and the concurrent processing of users, to ensure the stability and accuracy of the system, and to consider conflicts with other software. System interface requirements and remote data communication requirements.

  This program is aimed at anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft of cement products, and uses RFID tags for identification and management. The specific management functions are as follows:

Serial number System functions Subfunction PC SERVER information 
ARFID tag management ID number management Comprehensive information entry supports remote reading of product batch numbers and product information 
Production batch management 
Product details management 
BInformation management anti-counterfeiting identification Real-time transport inspection at any time and any place Handheld RFID portable terminal, real-time reading, identification and anti-counterfeiting security anytime, anywhere through remote communication technology 
Read product IDs and information in batches 
Check the product quantity anti-counterfeit security 

  The following is a system operation flow chart:

Solution for cement outbound and transportation product safety based on RFID technology

  Fourth, the solution operation process

  1. Implant RFID tags

  Ultra-high frequency RFID tags are selected and implanted in the bag when the cement bags are processed.

  2, RFID tag initialization

  The RFID blank label itself does not represent anything. Therefore, the primary task of the RFID application system is to associate the RFID tag with a unique ID number with the actual one piece of goods, and to identify the identity of the tag and the identity of the goods. Bind together, so that each piece of goods has its own unique identity, in the subsequent process can read the RFID tag information to obtain the relevant information of the goods, so that the entire system of information can be transmitted through the RFID tag .

  In this system, we have two options to associate the RFID tag ID with the goods themselves:

  1) In the lower line of the production line, erect RFID readers, collect the TID numbers solidified in the RFID tag chip sewn on the cement bag one by one, insert them into each cement production record of the PC SERVER database, form and each The one-to-one association of the bag cement, after which the TID number of the tag represents the bag of cement.

  2) In the lower line of the production line, the RFID reader is installed, and the material number (the code of the goods in the system) in each cement production record of the PC SERVER database is written into the EPC area of the RFID tag chip sewn on the cement bag. Thus forming a one-to-one relationship with each bag of cement, then the EPC number of the label is the number of each bag of cement, which represents the bag of cement.

  The following is the software operation flow for writing materials to the chip:

Solution for cement outbound and transportation product safety based on RFID technology

  3, outbound data collection

  After the product is filled and transported by conveyor belt, the UHF reader installed on the conveyor belt can record all cement numbers in the warehouse, quantity, batch and product information. Eliminate cumbersome manual records, reduce errors and usage time caused by manual recording, and improve work efficiency.

  By using RFID tag identity uniqueness, by attaching, embedding or embedding an RFID tag on each package, it is possible to completely solve the problem that the product cannot be identified and tracked at the time of delivery, and effectively prevent the product batches from being sold, and the phenomenon of parallel replacement occurs. And can well maintain the authority of brand quality reputation.

Solution for cement outbound and transportation product safety based on RFID technology

  Above the product delivery conveyor, set the gantry, install UHF UHF data acquisition reader on the gantry, can collect and write data in one piece, or collect data in multiple pieces, the database is saved in PC SERVER.

  4, on-the-spot inspection

  When the transport vehicle is running on the road, the truck personnel are equipped with handheld terminals. When each checkpoint is inspected, the handheld terminal can perform a comprehensive scan, feedback data information, and responsibility to the person. If there is a parallel shipment to the next checkpoint. Replace the problem, then you can investigate the responsible person in detail.

  5, arrival confirmation

  With the convenient RFID handheld terminal, the product can be inspected at any time and in real time. Through RFID's powerful RF technology, multiple RFID tags can be identified at one time, reducing labor and cumbersome labor, shortening transportation time, and effectively shortening delivery time. .

  At the time of delivery, the RFID UHF UHF data collector can be used to grasp product information in real time and eliminate the phenomenon of counterfeiting of aquatic products to achieve the desired goal.

  The global uniqueness of the RFID tag information ID, which promotes the uniqueness of the product packaging, makes the counterfeit packaging impossible to implement, and the scanning of the RFID terminal hand-held by the transport personnel makes the counterfeit parallel goods invisible and perfectly maintains the enterprise. The brand image and the reputation of product quality have effectively improved the core competitiveness of the company.

  Five, hardware equipment selection

  RFID or UBS packaged RFID UHF chip

  RFID electronic tag

  UHF UHF Data Collector

  Fuen M8E handheld terminal


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