RFID food safety anti-counterfeiting traceability management solution

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Construction background

  In recent years, due to food safety (food poisoning, mad cow disease, foot-and-mouth disease, avian flu and other livestock diseases, as well as serious agricultural residues, imported food materials, etc.), frequent crises have seriously affected people's health and caused widespread worldwide. Concerned, how to effectively track and trace food has become an extremely urgent global issue.

  At present, China's main food production such as grains, fruits, meat, eggs and aquatic products ranks first in the world. In order to ensure the food safety of the people, effective control of the outbreak of food-borne diseases and the export of food exports from China The importing country's food tracking and traceability laws and regulations, so the establishment of food tracking and traceability in China will have a huge impact on the development of the food industry. However, there are still few examples of the application of automatic traceability systems in the whole food production process in China. The domestic food industry traceback is still mainly in the retail settlement process, far from being applied in the whole process of the food supply chain, and the entire supply chain can be traced yet. form.

      Through a technical means, each item purchased by the consumer can be certified by a simple and reliable technology with a credibility platform, so that each consumer can clearly see the following information: Where are the points? The goods purchased in the hand, when and when the goods entered the counter, when and how to transport to the place, when to leave the factory (picking, slaughtering), when to fill, when to process Planting) and other information, consumers are assured?

RFID food safety anti-counterfeiting traceability management solution

  System construction

  Utilize advanced RFID technology and rely on network technology and database technology to realize information fusion, query and monitoring, and provide security for each product, food ingredient source and inventory control for each production stage and distribution to final consumption. The rational decision-making, through the RFID identity authentication technology to achieve food safety early warning, origin, production, warehousing, transportation, sales, processing seamless routing, the entire process of strict control, the establishment of a complete industrial chain food safety control system, the formation of each Closed-loop production of food production and sales to ensure the provision of quality and assured food to the society, and to ensure high-quality data exchange in the supply chain, enabling the food industry to thoroughly implement the source tracking of food and the ability to provide complete transparency in the food supply chain. .

  Achieve function

  Through the information link established by the informationization of planting production, processing, production, circulation and consumption, the safety control of the internal production process and the real-time monitoring of the circulation link are realized, and the food traceability and recall are achieved.

  Through this system, consumers can use their personal mobile phone information to query or go to the public information inquiry platform to check the authenticity of the product, and can start the whole process of the source of the “trace source”.

  System structure

  RFID (electronic tag, radio frequency identification) food safety traceability anti-counterfeiting management system can ensure food safety and can be traced throughout, standardize food production, processing, circulation and consumption, through the establishment of food safety database, from food cultivation and production and processing The beginning of the link, the tracking and traceability of the whole process from farmland to table, including all the information in the process of transportation, packaging, packaging, sales, etc., such as production base, processing enterprise, distribution enterprise, etc. Found in the database.

  Field of application

  The rfid system can be widely used in the safe and traceable management of various foods such as agriculture, forestry, fishery, animal husbandry and deputy. It is applicable to grain and oil food, livestock and poultry food, fruit and vegetable food, aquatic food, condiment, dairy products, convenience food, infant food, Food additives, beverages, cosmetics, health foods, jewelry, clothing, etc.


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