RFID intelligent system successfully applied to production line management

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First, the system introduction

  Based on RFID technology, the intelligent production line management system combines the latest passive RFID technology and middleware software to form a set of proprietary system solutions that help manufacturers solve many problems in daily production management and improve operational efficiency. Reduce production line downtime and optimize inventory of raw materials and parts to increase and maintain optimal production values, thereby increasing profitability.

  Second, the system application

  Workshop production line: It is important for manufacturers to provide timely and accurate feedback on the production line. Improve productivity and asset utilization by installing RFID tags on products or pallets and installing RFID readers on each node of the production line to understand the detailed work of the production line.

  Automobile production line: With the gradual improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for automobiles is increasing. The production pressure of automobile manufacturing industry is facing huge production pressure. Using RFID technology to monitor the management process of automobile production lines can strengthen quality control and track effective cost control. Improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

  Third, the system features

  1. Automatically produce semi-finished and finished product declaration cards after processing.

  2. Track inventory in real time, assemble parts and spare parts.

  3. Keep the latest project information on the label to manage the production and assembly of complex or custom products without the need for separate assemblies and catalogs.

  4. Product production date, code, batch and other information can be automatically stored in the label.

  5. At the same time, it can store the processing information of the entire product, to trace the query, optimize the parts management, and improve the product quality.

  Fourth, system products

  1, reader

  Product Image

RFID printer|UHF reader|RFID manufacturers wholesale|Industrial inventory machine

  Used in conjunction with readers to extend the antenna.

  2, electronic label

  product description

  Using impinj's latest true 3D technology, the H47 uses a tag dual antenna. The reading effect is not limited by the reader antenna. It can be well recognized in space 360 degrees. It is a major innovation in the field of UHF RFID. Applications include a wide range of industries including apparel, retail, asset management, and logistics.

RFID printer|UHF reader|RFID manufacturers wholesale|Industrial inventory machine


  ZY-H47-M4D-DI (True 3D), ZY-H47-M4E-DI (True 3D), ZY-H47-M4QT-DI (True 3D), ZY-H47-M4D-WI (True 3D), ZY- H47-M4D-WI (True 3D), ZY-H47-M4QT-WI (True 3D).

  Technical Parameters


Impinj Monza 4D/4E/4QT


ISO/IEC 18000-6C EPC Class1 Gen2








Aluminum etching Al (9μm) + PET (50μm) Etched Aluminum (9μm) + PET (50μm)


EPC Up to 496Bits ;TID 48Bits ;Unique TID 48Bits


User 128Bits


32Bits access password; 32Bits destroy password


Chip: Write 100,000 times, save data for 50 years

Static electricity

Chip anti-static maximum 2000V


Work: -25°C to +50° ; Storage: -40°C to +70°C


Reference distance: 10m @ plastic foam

     9.5m @ 1.5mm LDPE

     9.5m @ 3mm LDPE

     8m @

     8m @


Clothing, retail, asset management, logistics 


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