RFID clothing retail solution

2019-07-19 17:04:55 15

 Status quo problem and countermeasure analysis

      Problems such as high inventory costs, low service efficiency, and low information accuracy have always caused great problems for apparel retailers.

  The core competitiveness of the apparel retail industry is essentially a low-cost and efficient supply chain system and a better experience for consumers.

  It is foreseeable that the future competition of the apparel retail industry will develop into a competition for front-end data and competition for the back-end supply chain.

     Advantages of RFID solutions

  The RFID solution used in the apparel retail industry is aimed at the pain point of the service industry. RFID electronic tags are used to give each garment a unique ID. In the production, warehousing, logistics, store and other links, the products are quickly scanned and read. The enterprise data collection and exchange intelligent platform realizes product item-level tracking and monitoring in all aspects of the supply chain, improves the response speed of the supply chain, and provides a basis for enterprise decision analysis.

  Production link tracking: RFID electronic tags are bound to clothing in the form of tags, so that they have unique identification, can be read by non-contact, long-distance, batch, and can be controlled in real time by intelligent systems or devices such as handhelds, tunnel machines, etc. Product information;

  Logistics warehouse storage and store inventory management: in the warehouse collection, distribution, store inventory and other links, the use of RFID technology can achieve non-opening data collection, rapid inventory;

  Anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, anti-smuggling goods: RFID electronic tags on clothing have unique identity information, which can effectively realize anti-counterfeiting, anti-stacking and anti-theft of goods.



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