RFID clothing production line application

2019-07-19 17:03:35 8

First, the program background

  As is known to all, China is the world's largest consumer and producer of garments. With the rapid development of China's economy and its high level of integration with the international market, the improvement of national life and the support of government policies, based on the development of rfid technology, the apparel industry is again Welcomed the second spring.

  Only in the perfect productivity will be flawed, the clothing industry itself has many characteristics, namely: seasonal, regional differences, market changes, product categories, etc., the dilemma faced by enterprises is that the management system is not perfect, intense market competition.

  The clothing industry also has its own special industry characteristics, namely: product style, color, size and other characteristics determine the number of clothing with geometric growth trend, the sales system covers direct, wholesale, franchise and other industries. The apparel industry has limited its own and industry defects, and the future development has also encountered bottlenecks.

  With the development of rfid technology, more companies are now paying attention to rfid technology solutions.

  Second, the goal

  (1) Adjusting the flexibility of production: The real-time production management system based on rfid technology monitors and adjusts the production line to achieve JIST management;

  (2) Real-time monitoring of product quality: timely feedback and tracking of production information based on rfid technology ensures real-time analysis and processing of production quality, improving production quality and lower unnecessary waste;

  (3) Saving production cost: reducing enterprise inventory, production time and labor cost based on rfid technology;

  Third, the system function

  The intelligent terminal design of the system includes four parts: CAN bus interface part, radio frequency identification part, LCD display and keyboard input part, digital input and output part, etc. The detailed description is as follows:

  The CAN bus interface part: receives the command of the main control unit and sends a corresponding action signal according to the communication protocol (driving the electric control part to perform corresponding action), and can also send information to the main control unit according to the received main control machine command or the set program.

  Radio frequency identification part: It can directly identify the smart hanger label in the moving line. In addition, the radio frequency identification technology can not only read the data of the electronic tag, but also can repeatedly write data through the terminal.

  LCD display and keyboard input part: The terminal has human-computer interaction function, with LCD display and keyboard input part, digital input and output part, etc., can set required parameters or display indication status, and should also display the upper computer and console in real time. And the instructions and information passed by the smart hanger.


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