RFID technology in the apparel washing industry application

2019-07-19 17:03:03 15

With the development of RFID technology, RFID scanning channels and handheld terminals have begun to show fruitful effects in many fields. As people's economic living standards improve, people's demand for the service industry is also increasing. As a new industry, the laundry industry is also facing many challenges, because the large customer base in the laundry industry is still a batch washing customer like a hospital.


  The RFID Smart Laundry Application System applies RFID technology to the identification and management of individual clothing. Based on ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID technology, it realizes an efficient work platform for fast garment collection, sorting, automatic inventory and garment picking in the garment washing industry, greatly improving work efficiency and reducing error rate.

  A mature RFID laundry management system, the first step to be done is label sewing. Because the clothes are different from other items, the labels that we must use during the washing process are resistant to high temperatures/creases. Then, we use button-type labels so that they can be sewn through a small bag or directly on the linen to be managed.

  Because these clothes dealers are sewed with RFID address tags, we only need to automatically collect the quantity through the RFID tunnel machine before the pro-washing, which improves the work efficiency and avoids data errors, which brings convenience to the customers who wash clothes. Quality service.

  After our clothes have been washed, we put the clothes into the RFID tunnel machine for batch scanning, and then check through the RFID handheld terminal to check whether there is any missing cloth in the washing process, and print the records to be handed over to the user. .

  This laundry management system improves the efficiency of the laundry industry, improves the laundry management supply chain of the enterprise, and realizes the information visualization management of the entire laundry management process, which is more convenient for enterprise management.

  Compared with traditional manual management, the garment washing application system based on RFID technology has the following advantages:

  A. Reduce manual management and use it quickly and easily;

  B. Improve work efficiency and economic efficiency, save personnel expenses and reduce costs;

  C, fully automatic design, improve service quality;

  D. It can accurately distinguish customer categories and preferential services;

  E, the system is sensitive and reliable, and the equipment is safe and durable;

  F. Record and save customer data and laundry records, and query and print information at any time.


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