RFID clothing management program

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Clothing management plan

  I. Overview of the program

  In recent years, with the development of information technology, the competition in the apparel industry has become increasingly fierce. From simple cost competition, enterprises have evolved into competition for production efficiency, logistics reaction chain, and intelligent management of stores. In particular, the clothing store directly faces the final consumer. The management efficiency and customer experience of the store will directly affect the brand image and competitiveness of the clothing enterprise.

  Innovative RFID smart store management solutions help apparel retailers to open up omni-channel data links through apparel RFID, improve efficiency of all links, and share products with accurate data. Multi-node data collection provides the basis for big data analysis and promotes retail industry and Internet of Things. The cross-border integration will further create a harmonious ecological circle in the "core" era.

  Second, the system highlights

  Extreme speed inventory: Through industrial-grade RFID handsets, 40 items can be read per second, which greatly increases the inventory speed, reduces the loss, helps the staff to liberate from the tedious work, and improves the accuracy of the store's inventory data. grasp;

  Fast delivery: Industrial-grade RFID handsets receive speeds of up to 5 seconds per case, and the receiving personnel can quickly check the delivery notes and realize real-time data transmission to ensure consistent logistics and data flow;

  Finding goods at a high speed: store staff use industrial-grade RFID handsets to lock in the information of designated clothing, and deliver the goods required by customers to customers in a timely manner, so as to achieve speedy search and avoid sales opportunities caused by artificial “out of stock”. , thereby increasing sales revenue;

  Speed replenishment: Through the industrial-grade RFID handset, the whole chain dynamics of goods from factory to retail store can be traced, and the shortage of goods can be presented, and the goods can be replenished in time to avoid out-of-stock or broken code, and the accuracy of inventory management can be improved. Visual.

  Third, the framework

RFID printer|UHF reader|RFID manufacturers wholesale|Industrial inventory machine

  Fourth, the benefit analysis

  Reduce inventory backlog, reduce out-of-stock risks, increase sales opportunities, reduce human resource costs, and speed up logistics.

  Guided by the market and consumers, we will establish a flexible supply chain system and enhance our core competitiveness.

  RFID technology can improve operational efficiency and prevent loss, reduce excessive dependence on people, and create an independent shopping platform.

RFID printer|UHF reader|RFID manufacturers wholesale|Industrial inventory machine


With the goal of creating world-class products, we will actively promote the development of diversification and globalization, and help the Internet of Things!