RFID clothing management solution

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RFID clothing management solution

  First, the system design features

  The program uses RFID technology, database technology and computer network technology to integrate:

  (1) Clothing production line management;

  (2) Digital warehousing of clothing and rapid response logistics management;

  (3) Management of clothing order meeting;

  (4) Clothing store management;

  (5) Functional modules such as anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling management of clothing.

  In the garment production line, the production schedule will be effectively balanced and regulated, and workers' wage settlement and real-time information collection will be carried out quickly.

  In the digital warehousing and rapid response logistics, quick inventory, reduce human error and save manpower and time.

  In the clothing ordering session, the customer is convenient to place orders, and the hot-selling commodity information is promptly fed back. The venue enters the control and the intelligent anti-theft protection ordering meeting is safe.

  In the management of clothing stores, new sales models such as automatic settlement, smart clothes matching and smart advertising promotion stimulate customer desires and increase store sales.

  In the anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling management module, it can effectively identify the authenticity of clothing, inquire about clothing sales areas, combat counterfeit and shoddy and cross-regional sales and other behaviors that affect market order and harm merchants and consumers.

  Second, the advantages of clothing RFID management system

  ⊙ The system uses advanced RFID tags with a globally unique coded logo. RFID electronic tags support long-distance identification, batch reading, and strong environmental adaptability

  ⊙ System realizes automatic management of production lines

  ⊙ System realizes warehouse digital management and rapid response logistics

  ⊙ System realizes effective safety management of clothing ordering meeting

  ⊙ System realizes intelligent management of clothing stores

  ⊙ System realizes anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling management of clothing

  Third, the introduction of some functional modules of the RFID clothing management system

  (1) Application of RFID system in garment production, warehousing and logistics

  1 RFID clothing production management

  2 Warehouse Management

  3 Logistics Supply Chain Management

  (2) Application of RFID in clothing retail stores

  1 RFID intelligent POS system

  2 RFID goods fast search system - inventory and search through handheld readers

  3 store anti-theft

  4 Smart Promotion Terminal / Smart Fitting Room

  (3) Clothing anti-counterfeiting function

  In the production process of clothing, UHF card issuing machine is used to write some important attributes of single piece of clothing such as name, grade, item number, model, fabric, lining, washing method, execution standard, commodity number, inspector number, etc. Enter the corresponding electronic label and attach the electronic label to the clothing. The attachment method of the electronic tag can be adopted: implanted in the clothing, made into a nameplate or a tag, or adopts an anti-theft hard tag method that can be recycled. Each garment is given a unique electronic label that is difficult to forge, which can effectively avoid counterfeiting and solve the anti-counterfeiting problem of the garment.


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