Computer room RFID intelligent management system

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1 Introduction

  In order to further improve the management level of the computer room, the management system of the computer room is armed with the scientific means of the Internet of Things. The intelligent management system of the computer room independently developed by Guangzhou Leerpu can optimize the personnel management means and assets by matching the information of the position, posture, movement status and position of the personnel in real time with the video linkage, intelligent alarm and patrol monitoring functions. Provide multi-scene 360-degree real-time monitoring and multi-method timely alarm function. The introduction of this system will open a new application mode for computer room management.

Computer room RFID intelligent management system

  2 Technical principles

  2.1 Information Collection

  It consists of "electronic tag" and "signal transceiver", which is equivalent to the human nervous system, realizing the real-time perception and transmission aggregation of various position and status information.

  (1) Equip the device with the corresponding asset electronic label, such as close to the door of the cabinet or directly attached to the device.

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If it is close to the door of the cabinet

  (2) The electronic label of the computer room staff and security guards can be worn on the chest, hung on the neck, and not on the waist.

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Hanging on the chest

  (3) Install a signal transceiver in a specific area for receiving electronic tag signals in real time, such as on a wall, ceiling, or ground.

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Installed on the ceiling

  2.2 Information Management and Services

  Completed by a specially developed software system. Can be understood as the human brain, can comprehensively manage and intelligently analyze the collected information data, and build various intelligent management and service means such as real-time monitoring, intelligent alarm and comprehensive management and control according to actual management needs.

  3 Construction plan

  By placing signal transceivers and locators in the entrance of the equipment room and the main aisle area of the equipment room, and attaching electronic tags to the doors of the cabinet and the equipment in the cabinet, real-time supervision of the equipment in the cabinet can be realized.

  When the cabinet door or equipment has an illegal switch, vibration, movement, etc. or the label is torn, the electronic tag can send an alarm signal to the system in time.

  When the device illegally moves from a certain area to another area, the system can also find and send out alarm information in time, and the range of the moving distance can be adjusted.

  By wearing electronic tags for the personnel entering the equipment room, real-time tracking and supervision of the people entering the house can be realized, such as what areas have been passed, those cabinet doors have been opened, the stay time, and the like. It is also possible to restrict the access area and cabinet of personnel through rights management. If a worker enters an unauthorized area or opens an unauthorized cabinet, the system can find and send an alarm message in time.

  4 system function

  4.1 Intelligent anti-theft

  Intelligent anti-theft mainly refers to the electronic labeling of cabinets or equipment in the equipment room, and direct and accurate active anti-theft monitoring for the status and position of the cabinet and equipment. Once the asset has the following anomalies, the system will detect it for the first time and activate a smart alert (see Smart Alerts):

  (1) vibration;

  (2) The cabinet door is open;

  (3) Changes in the position of assets;

  (4) The electronic tag is detached.

  4.2 Smart Alert

  The intelligent alarm function consists of two parts: alarm rule setting, intelligent matching and alarm:

  (1) Alarm rule setting - the management personnel preset various management rules in the system (including object status abnormality, partition arming rules, security work arrangement, personnel authorization rules, etc., see specific management functions), various violations The alarm mode corresponding to the situation (including SMS or APP, monitoring system pop-up window, live sound and light alarm, etc.), and alarm cancellation rules (including time limit release, designated personnel arrival cancellation, system operation release, etc.).

  (2) Intelligent matching and alarms - the system will intelligently match the preset alarm rules according to the real-time detected conditions, filter out the violation events, and activate the corresponding alarm methods, such as:

  The system pops up an alarm window, and the location and prompt of the alarm source are displayed on the electronic map. Click on the alert icon to see the details and the nearby surveillance video.

  Start the live sound and light alarm.

  An alert detail message is sent to the relevant person based on the preset alert rules.

  4.3 Positioning tracking

  The system location tracking features include:

  (1) Specify the location of any asset or person that has been tagged with an electronic tag.

  (2) Display the movement track within the specified time period.

  (3) In the event of an emergency, the object and the person's whereabouts can be tracked in real time.

  4.4 Video linkage

  In addition to the traditional video surveillance function, as described by the intelligent alarm, the system automatically pops up the corresponding video surveillance screen and automatically starts the live video recording while issuing the alarm information. Avoid the shortcomings of the video screens after the screen is cut, the monitoring personnel can not carry out the full effective video surveillance, and play a timely and proactive warning role.

  4.5 Intelligent Authorization

  Intelligent authorization includes work authorization and access authorization.

  (1) Work authorization: The management personnel can authorize designated personnel (multiple people at the same time) to have the authority to maintain work on the designated equipment. The personnel only need to wear their own electronic label card to carry out maintenance work on the designated equipment site, the system is deemed to be legal operation, the intelligent alarm is not triggered, and the automatically generated work record is saved in the system log.

  (2) Regional Authorization: Similar to the work authorization, the authorized personnel can enter and exit the designated area without triggering the intelligent alarm, and at the same time generate the personnel entry and exit records.

  In the above situation, the corresponding personnel can also be notified by SMS according to the preset rules.

  4.6 Smart Arming

  The system provides intelligent arming settings:

  (1) Partition arming: Managers can individually arm any designated area to facilitate management and maintenance.

  (2) Time-sharing arming: Managers can pre-set the arming time to facilitate an orderly management system.

  (3) Separate state arming: The manager can set the specific state of the specified object to realize a flexible and practical monitoring and arming mode. For example, the A cabinet does not need to be monitored for vibration. For the B cabinet, only the tilt monitoring is required. For the C cabinet, only the door switch monitoring is required.

  (4) Convenient fortification and disarming: Using pre-registered mobile phones, you can control the arming and disarming status of the entire system through SMS messages. At the same time, the system also supports monitoring systems and mobile apps to arm and disarm.

  4.7 Data Intelligence Statistics

  Provide professional statistical functions for the data of all functional modules of the system, display and display through lists, icons, etc., support export or print functions, perform statistical chart analysis on data, and improve management effects. Such as alarm statistics, personnel statistics, cabinet statistics, and so on.

  5 operating environment configuration requirements

  Determine the actual functional requirements.

  6 hardware devices

  6.1 Signal Transceiver

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Indoor signal transceiver

  Collect information from electronic tags in real time;

  It has the characteristics of long recognition distance, high sensitivity, fast recognition speed and strong anti-interference ability.

  Communicate over a wired network;

  Support work abnormal reminder function;

  With a power adapter.

  6.2 Electronic label (for objects)

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  Timing out its own identification information;

  Built-in power supply battery, can be used for 2-4 years;

  Support low battery reminders;

  With anti-tearing function, vibration and tilt sensing function.

  Other equipment is tentative.

  7 Engineering construction

  Signal transceivers and positioners are installed at the entrance and exit gates and in the equipment room. They can be installed on the wall, in the ceiling, and on the ground, so that the signal covers the area to be monitored.

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  8 Program features

  Real-time, proactive monitoring

  The use of the Internet of Things intelligent sensing technology enables real-time perception, intelligent identification, and intelligent warning of abnormal or unexpected situations in the area, making daily monitoring more intelligent and accurate.

  24/7 monitoring, no problem with normal work

  Direct monitoring of the cabinet status does not affect the normal activities of the staff in the area, and plays an effective security role.

  Real-time video linkage

  Based on video surveillance, combined with intelligent alarms, it provides convenient video linkage to make surveillance video a real power.


  Based on high-end, comprehensive planning, open technical standards, with good scalability and compatibility.

  Integrated management

  "Human defense - physical defense - technical defense" organically combine to build an integrated management and guarantee mechanism.

  Ease of use and visualization

  The system interface is friendly, concise, easy to understand and easy to use.

  Good stability and operation and maintenance

  The company has solid strength, thorough construction and commissioning specifications, and provides high-quality localized operation and maintenance support to ensure stable operation of the system.

  Personalized configuration

  Configure functions and hardware devices according to requirements, support the construction of staging partitions, and avoid waste of resources.

  9 Project Benefits

  Improve security levels in an all-round way

  The "human defense - physical defense - technical defense" organic combination, comprehensively improve the security management level of the machine room.

  Promote a sound and convenient internal management system

  By improving security management, we promote the improvement of internal management and demonstrate the ability of management team.


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