Valuables anti-theft system

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1 System Introduction

  As the concept of scientific and technological innovation continues to be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the demand for asset anti-theft monitoring systems in the security industry is increasingly diversified, and the requirements for the technological content of security systems are also increasing. Some conventional technical defenses have been unable to meet the growing needs of users.

  The asset anti-theft monitoring system uses the most advanced IoT core technologies such as wireless radio frequency technology, wireless sensing technology, wireless communication technology, and digital video technology to provide user assets by real-time sensing of information such as location, posture, and motion status of important assets. Multi-scene 360-degree real-time monitoring and timely notification of multiple means.

  The system can provide security protection for hundreds of assets at the same time, real-time monitoring of assets through real-time awareness, real-time response, and real-time alarms. The system fully considers customer needs and application environment, and is easy to install, simple to operate, and flexible to use. It is of great significance for expanding security technology and improving the reliability and effectiveness of security systems. It will also bring significant benefits to users who implement and use this system!

  Compared with traditional anti-theft alarm methods such as infrared radiation, door magnetism and video, the system has the following advantages:

  Wireless transmission, simple wiring;

  The label is small and easy to conceal;

  Easy to install, stick to the monitored assets;

  Active monitoring, advanced and reliable technology to minimize false positives;

  Partition fortification, arming and disarming are simple, and asset monitoring can be set arbitrarily;

  Video linkage, when the alarm is triggered, the surveillance camera can be immediately mobilized to view the video in real time;

  Automatic inventory, the assets being monitored will automatically upload data, which is convenient for real-time data statistics;

  It has strong scalability and can realize comprehensive management of all-round personnel assets.

  2 System features

  Directly monitor assets, management is more timely, accurate and effective;

  Real-time monitoring and active alarms can be used to prevent illegal activities from occurring when alarms, notifications, and records are generated at the first time of the event;

  It does not restrict the entry and exit of personnel, allows normal personnel activities, and only monitors assets, reducing personnel interference, false alarms and monitoring failures;

  Advanced wireless radio frequency technology and wireless sensing technology to achieve wireless transmission of asset status signals;

  Use frequency hopping communication to prevent interference from other external signals;

  Advanced AES encryption technology to ensure the security of information data;

  Advanced attitude, vibration, and position recognition algorithms to prevent false alarms;

  The system actively alarms, which can avoid traceback through video afterwards;

  A single host can monitor 300 cards for full-scale monitoring of assets;

  It can realize independent monitoring and management of individual assets, making asset monitoring and management more flexible and more widely used.

  3 system principle

  It consists of "electronic tag" and "signal transceiver", which is equivalent to the human nervous system, realizing the real-time perception and transmission aggregation of various position and status information.

  Equip the corresponding asset electronic label for the object, such as close to the cultural relic, close to the wall of the cabinet, hidden in the attachment of the cultural relic; install a signal transceiver in a specific area for receiving the electronic label signal in real time, such as installation It is installed in the eaves, installed on the wall or installed in the ceiling; the information management and service is completed by a specially developed software system, which can be understood as the human brain, which can comprehensively manage and intelligently analyze the collected information data, and according to actual management needs. Build intelligent management and service tools such as real-time monitoring, intelligent alarms and integrated management and control.

  4 Engineering construction

  Install the signal receiver in the important field, which can be installed in the eaves, mounted on the wall or installed in the ceiling, so that the signal covers important cultural relics that need to be monitored.

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  5 system function

  5.1 Intelligent anti-theft

  Intelligent anti-theft mainly refers to the electronic tags attached to the cultural relics in the museum, the boxes and doors and windows of the cultural relics, and the direct and accurate anti-theft monitoring of the state and position of the objects. Once the following abnormal conditions occur in the object, the system will detect it for the first time and start the smart alarm (see the smart alarm function):

  (1) vibration;

  (2) leaving the designated area;

  (3) The electronic tag is detached.

  5.2 Smart Alert

  The intelligent alarm function consists of two parts: alarm rule setting, intelligent matching and alarm:

  (1) Alarm rule setting - the management personnel preset various management rules in the system (including object status abnormality, partition arming rules, security work arrangement, personnel authorization rules, etc., see specific management functions), various violations The alarm mode corresponding to the situation (including mobile phone short message, monitoring system pop-up window, live sound and light alarm, etc.), and alarm release rules (including time limit release, designated personnel arrival cancellation, system operation release, etc.).

  (2) Intelligent matching and alarms - the system will intelligently match the preset alarm rules according to the real-time detected conditions, filter out the violation events, and activate the corresponding alarm methods, such as:

  The system pops up an alarm window, and the location and prompt of the alarm source are displayed on the electronic map. Click on the alert icon to see the details and the nearby surveillance video.

  Start the live sound and light alarm.

  Send an alert message to the relevant person based on the preset alert rules.

  5.3 Video linkage

  In addition to the traditional video surveillance function, as described by the intelligent alarm, the system automatically pops up the corresponding video surveillance screen and automatically starts the live video recording while issuing the alarm information. Avoid the drawbacks of the video screen being too small after the screen is cut, and the monitoring personnel cannot perform comprehensive and effective video monitoring.

  5.4 Intelligent Authorization

  Intelligent authorization includes work authorization and access authorization.

  (1) Work authorization: The management personnel can authorize designated personnel (multiple people at the same time) in the system to have the authority to maintain work on the specified objects. The personnel only need to wear their own electronic label card to carry out the maintenance work on the specified object site, the system is deemed to be legal operation, the intelligent alarm is not triggered, and the automatically generated work record is saved in the system log.

  (2) Access authorization: Similar to the work authorization, the authorized personnel can enter and exit the designated area without triggering the intelligent alarm, and at the same time generate the personnel entry and exit records.

  In the above situation, the corresponding personnel can also be notified by SMS according to the preset rules.

  5.5 Smart Arming

  The system provides intelligent arming settings:

  (1) Partition arming: Managers can individually arm any designated area to facilitate management and maintenance.

  (2) Time-sharing arming: Managers can pre-set the arming time to facilitate an orderly management system.

  (3) Separate state arming: The manager can set the specific state of the specified object to realize a flexible and practical monitoring and arming mode. For example, it is not necessary to monitor the vibration of the A cultural relics, and only the tilting monitoring of the B cultural relics is required, and only the position monitoring of the C cultural relics is required.

  6 operating mode

  Operation mode 1: cooperate with security enterprises to launch dual anti-theft operation products, install active anti-theft system for fixed-site owners, increase the cost of key monitoring objects, and collect value-added rents per month according to the number of identification cards, which will increase value-added income.

  Operation mode 2: Cooperate with the system integrator to upgrade the existing single anti-theft program in the operation, and cooperate by means of the one-time charging of the initial installation fee and the fixed monthly payment of the agreed equipment rent.

  Operation mode 3: direct sales mode, directly find cooperation with similar museum units, use active anti-theft management for temporary exhibits, and cooperate according to the method of collecting deposits and calculating rents by day.


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