• Originally in the field of technology, transponders are electronic modules that can transmit information and reply information. In recent years, due to the rapid development of radio frequency technol... More

  • Yes, the RF tag has been connected to many sensors, including temperature and humidity. Labels can be prompted when environmental conditions change, especially when changes have a significant imp... More

  • The tags can store data ranging from 512 bytes to 4 megabytes depending on the type of merchant. The data stored in the tag is determined by the application of the system and the corresponding st... More

  • 1. A tag, also known as an electronic tag or a function tag, is a chip with an antenna in its memory that stores information that identifies the target. The RFID tag has the characteristics of pe... More

  • The data on the label is transmitted by RF/radio wave. It does not require the target object to be within the field of view. In addition to the characteristics of the processing block, the reader can ... More

  • RFID quickly and easily obtains information about products, locations, times, and transactions in an automated manner. No contact, see the target, even if the item is firmly packaged or the envir... More

  • RFID was created during World War II and has not been widely used in business applications because of its high cost. Until recently, people have noticed RFID. If the cost of a radio frequenc... More

  • The active RF system uses the built-in power supply in the tag to form an active active area around the tag. The tag actively acquires RF at a low or high position and a long distance and transmits it... More

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