Is RFID a new invention?

2019-07-19 16:54:36 32

RFID was created during World War II and has not been widely used in business applications because of its high cost. Until recently, people have noticed RFID. If the cost of a radio frequency tag can be greatly reduced, it can solve many problems that the bar code cannot solve. RF waves can penetrate most non-metallic materials, so it works even in waterproof plastic packaging. At the same time, RF tags can store information on any kind of product and have good durability. Since RFID has so many advantages, why aren't all companies using it? Many companies have invested in RFID systems to take advantage of it. However, the use of RFID for investment is limited to the circulation of goods within the company. This is because unless the two companies A and B use the same RFID system, the information stored by the company A in the RF tag can be read by Company B. However, most companies currently do not use internal control quality control, and RFID systems only have the advantage of internal control quality control companies. Another reason is the cost. RFID readers cost more than $1,000. Companies need tens of thousands of readers to meet the needs of all factories, warehouses, and stores. Such an expensive price is not realistic for a variety of products on the market that are worth only a few dollars.


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