Session understanding on RFID readers, 6C card interpretation

2019-07-19 16:45:56 14

The call in the protocol document is mainly the difference in the memory time of the flag, so it should be used differently in actual use.

Described in the documentation for the INPINJ reader:

     When Session1 is selected, the tag becomes "B" after being read once, and the "B" state continues to be "A" after 0.5S~5S, and can be read again. When Session2 is selected, if the tag continues to acquire energy after being read once, it will remain in the "B" state. If there is no energy, it will return to the readable state after 2S~80S, and it will certainly not be read. If it exceeds 80S, Definitely able to read)

      Session2 and Session3 are two types of session modes. For example, if you need to read 100 tags without repeating two readers, set both to Session2, or both to Session3. One of the read tags will not be read, so that the two readers will not read repeatedly.


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