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UHF self-adhesive / anti-metal / anti-corrosion


Introduction to Lingtian


Dedicated, pioneering, innovative, and looking to the future

Since its inception, Huizhou Lingtian Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to UHF RFID solution production service providers, independent production, research and development, sales, self-production and self-use principles, popular application areas: retail, manufacturing, clothing, Logistics, e-commerce, auto parts and other industries. Shenzhen Lingtian Technology Co., Ltd.'s independent intellectual property rights research and development of intelligent (RFID) warehousing management system to help your business work easier, more efficient, accurate data, more intelligent, we can provide tailor-made for customers Services and solutions to bring more value and success to customers, grow together and win-win! Determined to become a leading technology solutions company and a quality supplier and service provider in the field of automation identification.

With the goal of creating world-class products, we will actively promote the development of diversification and globalization, and help the Internet of Things!